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And it doesn't matter if I'm anonymous. I'm still a person and I still have no respect for you, at all. I'm not arguing with you, just enlightening you. But you're too stuck up to see that, you're too "sure of yourself." That's okay. But just remember, good people don't act that way.

Well I’m still a person? You’re too stuck up to see that what you are doing and what I did are the same things.

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I don't care what you do with your life, but you need help.

You obviously very much do care what I do with my life, otherwise this would never have been a problem.

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How can you live your life like that? Do you not believe that's immature? How can you call yourself a good person? I mean, seriously. You can't.

I can call myself a good person because I don’t let people like you affect me. I don’t get worked up over what someone else said that had nothing to do with me at all, like what you are doing. I don’t know you so why should I care what you think? Maybe if it was someone I did know, i might reconsider my actions.

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Just reading your answers to my previous statements goes to show it. So thank you for proving me right. Because you've already done it, you won't admit that you're wrong and that it was uncalled for. Why DIDN'T you talk to the person about it? That would've been the more appropriate thing to do. I don't even know the person or if they've read it or not but I'm sure that it would've hurt them. And the fact that you don't care proves your ignorance, like I said.

Are you not doing the same thing I did? Telling someone hurtful things to them but not being big enough to tell them and actually letting them know who you are. My situations with other people are my situations. So if you, a fucking stranger, don’t like how I do things in my own life, you’re absolutely right I don’t give a shit what you think about me.

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I wasn't the person you were talking about but I've lost all respect for you. You're the type of person to hurt other people but when it's you, in their shoes, or in a similar situation, it's a different story. I'm sure you've had your feelings hurt or been shunned by someone. Not fun, huh? Now if the person hated you too, maybe it'd be different, but is that true? They don't, I'm sure. You're just hateful. You're the type of person that doesn't know what the word sorry means.

Wow, someone who doesn’t even have the courage to say how they feel to my face, instead they hide behind an anonymous message, has lost all respect for me? What ever will I do with my life now?

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You just have to understand that if I read that and it happened to be about me it would shatter my feelings. You obviously weren't being completely honest yourself and it was so hurtful. Maybe that person just needed a real friend or a helping hand and it just shows your arrogance and impatience in your own life. And hating someone is a strong emotion that makes others fear. Making this person scared or sad would not help them. I mean do you not use your brain? Or are you that self centered? Sad

But how would you know it was about you? I didn’t say a name or any indication that it was about a specific person. So if this did offend you, then maybe you are the person I was talking about, and if that’s the case, I don’t care. But if you aren’t the person I said that about, I still don’t care.

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You're a hateful person. I understand the person might be a liar, but it's just hateful and sad to hate someone just because of that. I could understand if a person killed someone in your family, or literally did something to make you suffer, but honestly, I think that's childish and taking it too far. You're obviously exaggerating when you say they lie to everyone they have a conversation with, and that really is just immature. You should think about what you say on the web.

I did think about it and you know what I thought? “Okay, what could I say about someone that would piss a completely different person off?” And after a long day of hard thinking, that was the best answer I could come up with. I would say I’m sorry this offended you, but I’m really not. Everyone has their own opinion about other people, it would be more hurtful to say it to them but I didn’t so now they can continue on with their life happy instead of hurt by what someone thinks of them. So if you think it’s childish and immature, then damn it I hate you too! How dare you think that way of me!




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